10 Fun Home Technology Gadgets

10 Fun Home Technology Gadgets

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Is your home up to date with the latest technology? Whether you’ve upgraded to the newest iPhone or invested in a hybrid car, there are still a number of ways to make your home tech savvy. The Consumer Technology Association makes your job easy with its annual conference dedicated to the latest consumer technologies, so you can update your living space with top-notch technologies annually.


Here are 10 fun home technology gadgets from CES 2017, with a brief discussion of what they are and what they do.


Kuri the Robot Nanny – Mayfield Robotics introduced a robotic household nanny you can preorder for next year; it serves as a mobile security camera with smart-home control capabilities.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed – Sleep Number unveiled a smart bed you can get this year that works to keep you comfortable with pre-warming features and automatic snoring adjustments.

The Luke Roberts Smart Light Show – Luke Roberts opened the door to smart design lamps in 2017 with a bright hanging lamp that infiltrates any room with normal light from the bottom and colored light toward the roof at the touch of a smartphone button.

Smart and Blue’s Hydrao Smart Showerhead – Smart and Blue displayed a smart shower head that communicates how much water you’re using with its eco-friendly technology.

LG Signature OLED TV – LG disclosed a 4K HDR Smart TV that provides a picture-on-wall design with its state-of-the-art black and cinematic color and wide viewing angle.

JBL Pulse 3 Speakers – JBL showed waterproof speakers you can buy this spring that improve sound and light up the room like a lava lamp with their Pulse Bluetooth speaker and built-in light show.

Hello Egg Kitchen Helper – Hello Egg uncovered a kitchen helper you can preorder now that assists with meal preparation through advanced voice activation technology.

Moen’s U Connected Shower Range – Moen came out with a new range of U connected shower applications that will let you customize your shower with technology designed with your shower preferences and personal device in mind; they’ll be available soon.

Norton Core Router – Norton announced a household router you can preorder that protects your digital life with its tough Wi-Fi security and cordless design.

Nabi Aristotle Voice Assistant – Nabi will offer a smart baby monitor this year that comforts, teaches and entertains your young child with its voice-activated smart assistant.

These 10 fun home technology gadgets from Consumer Electronic and Technology Show 2017 were some of the biggest home-tech items presented at the conference this year. You now know what each cool product does and where to find it, so revamp your living space to avoid falling behind.


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