10 Gadgets to Keep an Eye on Your Home While You’re Away

10 Gadgets to Keep an Eye on Your Home While You’re Away

Abstract robot and shield (done in 3d)
Abstract robot and shield (done in 3d)

Going on vacation can induce travel-related stress, but with the world of home security progressing at the speed of light, flight delays should be the extent of your worries.

 From steel vault-like containers for packages delivered while you’re away to weatherproof cameras, gadgets work to keep your home safe while you’re away.

 1. The mail-order keeper for your deliveries means birthday or Christmas gifts arrive and stay on your porch unharmed. Thieves are especially active at the holidays, as most home arrivals go unattended for hours. Inventions like the Elephantrunk drop box hold your mail and prevent pileups on your doorstep, a sure sign that you’re not home.

2. Indoor, outdoor and infrared cameras that record activity and are accessible via smartphone give you a live-streaming feed of what goes on at home while you’re away. Choose between recording via memory card and electing a third-party monitoring package. Companies like Nest and Arlo have well-reviewed camera security systems.

3. Belkin’s WeMo connects lights, thermostats and security together via your home Wi-Fi, all of which is programmable with your phone app. These products are the epitome of DIY — some you just plug into a regular electrical outlet.

4. Keyless locks include biometric (fingerprint) technology that will prevent any unauthorized users from entering via locked doors. No key copies here — fingerprints or codes only.

5. Monitoring services like ADT integrate video monitoring with alarm systems and alerts for smoke or heat. Know that your home is safe from intruders and destructive forces while you’re relaxing.

6. Magnetic window security systems sound an alarm when the magnetic connection breaks. These simple devices are easy to install with an adhesive strip that works on glass or wood.

7. Motion detection lights shed light on ne’er-do-wells. A few outdoor models come equipped with solar-powered battery chargers, so the LED bulbs work when it’s sunny or cloudy outside.

8. Keyless gate locks for your backyard fence discourage intruders from searching for an unlocked back door while you’re away from home.

9. BeOn’s smart bulbs utilize Bluetooth technology to “learn” your lighting habits and mimic that activity while you’re away. The system comes with a doorbell function that signals lights to switch on when someone rings the doorbell. And, of course, you can control all this via a smartphone app.

10. Kuna Light Fixture is an outdoor lamp and security camera all in one. Safety was never so stylish. The fixtures are available in three models, so you can choose which one matches your existing lighting.

You’ll be able to completely forget your troubles with all these automated friends looking after your home while you’re away.

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