3 Steps to Feel at Home in Your New Neighborhood

3 Steps to Feel at Home in Your New Neighborhood

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“Welcome home” can lose its meaning when you’ve moved to a new neighborhood. Unfamiliar streets, new neighbors, different shopping locations, and hard-to-find light switches can sometimes combine to leave you feeling a little lost. Once you’ve hung the wall art and arranged your dishes, what can you do to feel more at home?

Creating a sense of comfort and familiarity does take time, but there are a lot of things you can do to make it happen more quickly. Some are just for fun, and others will make your life run more smoothly in the new location. Eliminating a few of the little frustrations that arise with the unfamiliar will make a tremendous difference.

#1: Update Your Address

If you didn’t before the move, be sure to let the Post Office know where to find you. You can avoid missing important bills or other information that you’ll want to respond to, which can be stressful and annoying.

Get the new address on your driver’s license, credit cards, and voter registration. Let your auto insurer know; the new location may result in a lower premium. If you use paper checks, be sure to order new ones. Update your address with your favorite online shopping sites too.

#2: Meet Your Neighbors

The people around you are what give the neighborhood its character. Don’t wait for them to come to you; introduce yourself as soon as you can. You don’t have to knock on the door bearing homemade pound cake (although it’s not a bad idea). Just keep an eye out for your neighbors as they walk to their mailbox or scrape the ice off their windshield before work.

Let your neighbors know some of your interests, and if you have kids find out if they do too. Children are especially great at making friends and can be a bridge for adults as well. Your new neighbors can recommend nearby merchants, doctors, and restaurants.

#3: Explore

There is no better way to feel at home than to get out and become familiar with the area. Look at a map to get a better idea of the major streets. Try a different grocery store each week until you find the perfect one. Take walks in the neighborhood and visit nearby parks. Consider joining a community group or local church. You’ll soon have a few favorite places and will begin to feel like you belong.

Getting comfortable with a new area definitely takes time. Have patience and know that it will happen. In the meantime, enjoy your new home and allow yourself some time to relax. Moving is stressful and tiring; you deserve some rest. Put your feet up and soak up the new environment.

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