4 Ways to Put Garage Space to Good Use

4 Ways to Put Garage Space to Good Use

Many people tend to use their garages as a dumping ground for old boxes, tools or toys that they never use. Cleaning out your garage can be a liberating experience, but what should you do with all the newfound empty space? Here are some great ideas for repurposing garage space.

1. Home Gym

While building a home gym can be expensive at first, it results in long-term cost savings if you are the type of person who will commit to using it. If you already use a gym membership regularly, this is a good sign that you’ll commit to your home gym. 

Don’t feel like you have to fully stock your home gym all at once. If you are diligent about browsing Craigslist, you can fully outfit your home gym for a fraction of the usual cost. You just have to be patient and wait for someone to post that key piece of equipment at the right price. 

2. Art Studio 

Leaving exposed beams can add a modern, trendy feel to your garage and save you the cost of covering them up. The same goes for the concrete floor. Laying a rug down can be a great way to compromise. However, if you are planning to use paint or other messy art supplies in your new studio, the concrete floor will actually be beneficial since it will be much easier to clean than carpet and hardwood are. 

3. Office Space

This upgrade can become very expensive very fast, but it is possible to build a garage office on a budget if you are willing to work with what you already have. If you need a desk or other office surfaces, consider using a sturdy table rather than an expensive desk. An affordable way to brighten up the room is to add a new coat of paint to the walls, ceiling and exposed beams. 

4. Mudroom

This is particularly useful if you live in a cold climate or have limited storage space available inside your home. Add a small bench, a storage area for shoes and a few hooks on the wall and you can transform the corner of your garage into an extremely useful space. Also, consider putting down a rug to protect bare feet from the cold garage floor.

Once you have decided to transform your garage into a more useful space, you might want to consider a few practical aspects. Are you planning to use the space year-round in an extreme climate? If so, add some extra insulation. Does your garage have enough electrical outlets for its new purpose? If not, hire an experienced electrician to install a few more.

Once you have taken care of these issues and upgraded your garage, you will be able to fully enjoy a new, useful portion of your home.

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