6 Celebrity Bathroom Design Trends for the Budget-Conscious

6 Celebrity Bathroom Design Trends for the Budget-Conscious

3D illustration of interior design of a pink bathroom

It’s no question that celebrities have some of the greatest homes out there. They are featured in magazines, in television shows and on websites and have all the latest and greatest in today’s design trends. Now, most of us don’t have the same budget to work with when redesigning our homes, but that doesn’t mean that with a little creativity and ingenuity our living spaces can’t be just as “red carpet” fabulous.

1. Start with a can of paint. Consider a unique paint color or painting technique for the walls. A throwback to 60s colors like olive green and orange are all the rage as well as the new neutral of silvery green and bold accents like Mediterranean blue. There are a number of great paint techniques that have been developed that with a little practice are perfect for the DIY enthusiast. Faux Bois, decorative patterns, stenciling the ceiling or turning a plasterboard wall into faux marble takes the average bathroom to a whole new level.

2. Look down. Great flooring in a bathroom can make a huge difference. Usually, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and the flooring can be taken care of much more easily than in other spaces. Consider replacing the flooring with updated tile or if your budget is very tight, consider vinyl. There are some great vinyl options right now that have the look of the highest end marble, tile and wood flooring on the market. Once you have a beautiful base, accent it (don’t cover it) with a gorgeous throw rug in front of the sink or bathtub.

3. Light it up. Take a look at the lighting in your bathroom. Replace the old and outdated fixtures and possibly even add a few more to make your space bright and functional. Make sure that the mirror has adequate lighting around, there is a good overhead fixture and also lights in the shower and the toilet area. Consider some of the newer industrial looks in lighting and definitely stay away from the “dressing room” strip of bare bulbs.

4. Splurge on the shower. Even if you can’t install computer controlled shower technology, look into a larger rain shower style shower head to bring a little luxury into the bath.

5. Replace the fixtures and hardware. Oil-rubbed bronze and pewter finishes are hot right now for fixtures and hardware on the cabinets. Try to keep the same finish throughout the bathroom from the shower, to the tub, to the sink for a more cohesive look.

6. Furniture quality vanities. Consider replacing the vanity and sinks with a furniture quality piece. Or even use real furniture like repurposing an antique bureau with a sink. Not only do you get adequate storage but it will be a totally unique piece.

So happy decorating, and don’t forget to leave a space to display your Oscar!

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