Buying a New Home? Questions To Ask To Decide If A School Is Right For Your Child

Buying a New Home? Questions To Ask To Decide If A School Is Right For Your ChildWhat’s the average class size?

Young Family Looking at a Beautiful New Home.

When you have school-aged children and you’re looking to move to a new town, you are bound to have questions about local schools.

1. How much homework does the typical student get?

2. What is the grading system?

3. Do they offer the sports and activities my child likes?

4. Would my child walk or be bussed to school?

5. What support do they have for my child’s unique needs (special needs, accelerated classes)?

6. How is technology used in the classroom? Where are computers located and how are they incorporated into curriculum?

7. Is there an active parent association? Can you volunteer in the classroom?

8. Is before- or after-school child care available?

9. How are students placed in classes? Randomly? Based on test scores?

10. Are there magnet schools in the system? How do you get into those schools? Tests? Lottery?

11. Are Advance Placement (AP) classes available? What percentage of students take AP classes?

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have to the local school board in the area your are considering buying a home. Ask if you can plan a visit to see first hand if you like the environment. Only you as a parent would know what would be a good fit for your child so explore your options.

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