Create a Welcoming Outdoor Space with These 6 Steps

Create a Welcoming Outdoor Space with These 6 Steps

Relax Time In The Garden

The exterior of your home is what visitors see first; it’s the key to the much-important first impression. Why not make it shine just as much as the interior? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a welcoming outdoor space both in the front of your home and in the back.

With some DIY work and simple tools, you can create an inviting outdoor space that has your family and your guests feeling welcomed. Here are 6 steps you can take this weekend to spruce up these areas:

Maintenance~ One of the best ways you can make guests and your family feel comfortable is by having a clean yard, free of debris, trash and obstacles. This makes people feel as though your outdoor spaces are extensions of your indoor living areas. Maintenance is particularly important in creating the best first impression. Show that you care for your home by ensuring it’s kept tidy, neat and welcoming!

Seating areas~An outdoor rocking chair or even a simple bench provides a place to sit and watch the sunset, have a glass of tea with a neighbor or even wave to people passing by. Maybe you create an outdoor seating area complete with firepit in the backyard. Doing so can create a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel they can relax and kick back.

Lighting~A dark yard area is not somewhere people will venture. A backyard full of soft nighttime lighting and walkways that are well-lit and visible is an open invitation for visitors. What’s more, lighting can add a wealth of ambiance to a backyard and should also be considered for lighting up your front door or street number so guest can find you easily.

Yard décor~Do you cheer for a particular football team or enjoy celebrating holidays? If your HOA permits, try some simple lawn decorations in the front yard and definitely in your back yard. These can provide great conversation starters as well as showcase a common bond you may have with others in your neighborhood.

A welcome sign~As simple as that may seem, a sign that welcomes people to your yard, front or back and the lack of a scary dog bark or other type of deterrent, gives the impression you want to be hospitable.

A backyard oasis~Even if all you have is a grill and two chairs, use them. Invite friends and family over to your home for a cook-out and keep it simple. Drag a cooler out to the patio, put up an inexpensive patio umbrella and gather your friends and family for a fun time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve these simple goals. Use what you have to make others feel welcome and try projects on your own. These are just some of the ways that you can make your home inviting. And, if you’re selling your home, these are great ways to show potential buyers how welcoming your home can be!

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