Discover Which Architectural Style Fits Your Personality

Discover Which Architectural Style Fits Your Personality

With so many types of homes to choose from, how do you know where to start? The answer: Start here. We’ve broken down some of the key characteristics of various architectural styles to help you learn which one may be best for you.


Ranch homes became popular in the 1950s. This type of home features simplicity at its core and uses the design feature of free-flowing space. They are one story, though modern interpretations sometimes feature a basement. Another characteristic of this type of architecture is its connection to nature. Easy access to the outdoors is essential, which is why many ranch homes sit on many acres of land.

Is it right for me? Ranch homes are a good fit for people who enjoy open spaces with a minimalist flair. You will like a ranch home if you value nature and taking in the landscape.


Colonial architecture originated in the U.S. in the 1600s. It has variations such as Dutch colonial and Georgian colonial. This style features shutters, chimneys and attention to geometry. What we think of today as colonial are two-story homes with about four rooms on each floor, mostly seen on the Eastern Seaboard.

Is it right for me? If you love tradition, a colonial-style home is a good place to start. If you’re looking for a sturdy home that features classic elements and European influences, this is definitely the architectural style for you.


Modern architecture became popular following World War II. It was an alternative to more classic homes that had been the preferred choice during the first half of the 20th century. Modern homes rely heavily on geometry and clean lines. They can sometimes be described as boxy and tend toward an all-white color palette.

Is it right for me? Do you love clean and spacious rooms without elaborate detailing? Are you drawn to materials such as steel, glass and concrete? If so, modern is the architectural style for you.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are found in New England for the most part, as that is where they originated. They were once an adaptation of small English-style homes and evolved to withstand the harsh Northeast climate. These homes tend to be smaller in size with pitched roofs, often featuring gables. They are often one story but sometimes include a smaller second floor.

Is it right for me? Do you prefer a cozy home that reminds you of the ocean? Do you have a smaller family? Since Cape Cods usually have just one story, they are great for a couple or small family.


This type of home started in California in about 1905. It is characterized by simplicity and function over the more ornate styles during this time period. Staples of craftsman homes are front porches, colorful exteriors and overhanging eaves. Inside, you will find exposed beams and rafters.

Is it right for me? You will enjoy this style of home if you value flow between inside and outside spaces, as craftsman homes are known for porches and terraces. If you love built-in shelves and attention to detail, this architectural style will lend itself nicely to your personal aesthetic.

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