Keep Your Home Safe for Pets

Keep Your Home Safe for Pets

We don’t always think about our homes in terms of pet safety. We will childproof a home for a toddler, but puppies and kittens are just as good at finding trouble. There are several hazards in your home that could pose a threat to your pet, so it’s a good idea to take some time to address and correct them. Here are a few ways to make your home safe for your pets.

Secure Medications and Chemicals
Dogs and cats, especially when they’re young, are as curious as small children can be. They are surprisingly dexterous with their little paws and can get into all sorts of cabinets and rooms. That means you need to secure medications and chemicals, such as cleaning products, to make sure your furry babies don’t get into them. Storing them in high cabinets or secured behind child safety locks will help keep the curious felines or canines safe.

Know Which Foods Are Dangerous
It’s OK to occasionally give your furry friends a little treat from the table, as long as it doesn’t lead to begging behavior. It’s also important to know which foods are safe for them to have a nibble of. There are plenty of foods we take for granted as safe that could be very harmful to dogs or cats. These foods include:

  • Chocolate.
  • Grapes.
  • Onions.

Know Which House Plants Are Dangerous
Cats, and sometimes dogs, are notorious for getting into houseplants. Sometimes all they do is dig in the soil, but sometimes they eat the flowers or leaves. A few common houseplants are extremely toxic to cats and dogs. For example, the lilies popular around Easter are poisonous when ingested, as are both aloe and ivy, which are commonly found in many homes.

Seal Small Holes and Cracks
Tiny dogs, kittens and cats are notorious for trying to go where they don’t belong. Before you bring small animals into your home, make sure that there are no places where they could get stuck. If they wiggle in somewhere inaccessible, getting them out again could require more home renovation than you imagined. A little prevention can go a long way.

Pack an Emergency Bag
It’s also helpful to put together a bag of things for your pets in case you have to leave for an emergency such as a fire or a weather event. Keep leashes or travel crates accessible so you can grab them quickly when needed. Pack a small bag with food, treats, medications, toys and anything else that will help your pets feel more comfortable if you have to leave suddenly.

Put a Sticker on Your Door or Window
An emergency can also happen when you’re not home. In that case, make sure first responders know your pet is inside. There are stickers available from your vet or local pet store to stick on your door or window to let firefighters or police know to look for your cat, dog or other beloved pet that may be trapped in your home.

What other safety improvements can you make for your pets? Contact us today to talk about creating a pet-friendly home.

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