The Regional Pest Control Tips You Need to Know

The Regional Pest Control Tips You Need to Know


Although spring brings sparkling sunshine and flourishing flowers, it also comes with a whole host of pest problems depending on where you live in the United States. Whether you live in a big city or a rural town, you will face pesky pests at some point, so its best to start the new year off by controlling for unwelcome guests.


Here are region-by-region pest control tips as we approach spring, so you can cut out critters and protect your living space.


The north


Keep your gutters clean. If the leaves change color and fall off the trees in your area, make sure to clean out your gutters when spring comes along to offset mosquito breeding and control termite populations.


Tempt rodents with tasty treats. If your city or town is susceptible to invasive rodents, lure them to traps with rich foods to curb population growth and protect your health.


The south


Cultivate native plants near your home. If your region supports tree and bush growth at the dawn of spring, grow plants to create natural habitats for wildlife as a way to keep animals and insects out of your home.


Keep moisture away from your home. If you live in a moisture-inclined area, drain water away from your home’s foundation and store wood away from your house to prevent termites from causing serious property damage.


The east


Abolish potential allergens. If you reside in a place where you run into cockroaches from time to time, clean your home thoroughly and limit their hiding places to discourage them from sticking around.


Use over-the-counter sprays, but in moderation. These can be helpful, but if you find yourself spraying every crack and crevice in your house as a part of your spring cleaning routine, hold back on how much you apply to keep family members and pets away from unnecessary exposure to chemicals. Try using various kinds of insect baits that can be safely left in basements, for example.


The west


Plant rosemary to ward off insects. If you face problems with insects in and around your home, grow rosemary plants near your front door to keep ants away from your house in the springtime.


Keep household waste to a minimum. If you live in a populated area that serves as a feeding ground for scavengers like raccoons, limit the amount of waste your household produces and keep their potential food sources away from your home.

These are great starting points when protecting your home and guaranteeing your health. Preventing pest problems is much easier than getting rid of an infestation, so take the right steps toward keeping creepy critters out and ensuring your safety all year long. If you’re looking for additional information about pest control in your area, I’m only a phone call away!


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