Rustic Farmhouse Look: Get the Trend

Rustic Farmhouse Look: Get the Trend

Distressed wood, vintage mirrors, family-size kitchen tables … it’s all quintessential farmhouse chic. This new trend in home décor is popping up all over blogs and Pinterest. Contrary to what you might think, it’s easy to get the look in your own home. Keep reading for simple ways to infuse your home with rustic farmhouse flair.

Vintage ladders

Vintage ladders appear in lots of photographs of living rooms sporting the rustic farmhouse trend. They’re typically made of wood and used to hang quilts and blankets from. Lean one against a wall in your living room and drape textiles, such as lace from it. You can pick up a vintage ladder at local flea markets and yard sales for a bargain. Or, you can find new ones online if that’s more your speed. 

Farmhouse kitchen table

One of the staples of this trend is a large, farmhouse kitchen table that can fit your whole family plus guests. Choose one that suits your personal style, but they are usually made of solid, slightly distressed wood. Many have accompanying benches instead of chairs. You can find these types of tables all over the place, including at antique stores, Overstock, Wayfair or Etsy. 

Choose the right paint colors

You’ll notice a pattern when it comes to paint colors associated with the rustic farmhouse trend. They all have a similar color palette of muted tones that speak to a country yet modern style. Pick from feathery grays, cool blues, mossy greens, silvery whites and subdued red tones. Take a picture of a 

farmhouse-style kitchen or bedroom with you to the paint store and use it as a guide when choosing your own colors. 

Weather your wood

If you weather the look of the wood on furniture, doors or cabinets, it will quickly give you that rustic farmhouse look. All you need to do is stain the wood using a brush or cloth, then apply a thin layer of white, acrylic paint. Once the paint dries, use steel wool or another sanding tool to distress the wood. You can use distressed wood for all kinds of DIY projects, such as frames, headboards, coffee tables and more. 

Use chalkboards

Using chalkboards will take you back to the days of old schoolhouses and certainly give your house a touch of the rustic and rural. Use them in your kitchen to list groceries, chores and other “to-dos.” Or, put one in your mudroom and write greetings like “Welcome” to invite guests. 

Lay out multi-patterned quilts 

Embrace colorful quilts in varying patterns. Even if you don’t want your whole bed decked out in quilts, try folding one and placing it at the end of your bed against a white comforter to add just a touch of that country chic feel. 

What other home design trends are you inspired by right now? We’d love to hear from you!

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