Simplify and Downsize in Your Current House

Simplify and Downsize in Your Current House

The tiny house movement has taken the country by storm. While some people believe it is a passing fad, advancements such as including tiny houses in the International Building Code mean these small abodes are likely here to stay. You may love watching them being built and decorated on television, but you might not want to live in a home smaller than 400 square feet yourself. Try taking some of the ideas presented through tiny living to simplify and downsize your own home. Here are some tips:

One Room at a Time
Decluttering your home can be overwhelming. The best advice anyone can give is to start small, with one room at a time. In fact, you can start even smaller with one drawer, cupboard or closet. Once that first space is cleared out, you’ll start to feel more confident about the process in general.

Don’t Say Maybe
Many people struggle with deciding what to toss by creating a “maybe pile.” You see something and you’re not sure whether you want to keep it, so you set it aside and put off the decision. If you haven’t used an item recently, when will you? It’s important to be definitive about your items. Either it stays or it goes — there is no in between!

Understand Emotional Attachment
There will always be things that, while not useful, give you a feeling of sentimental attachment. It’s OK to keep things you like just for the sake of liking them. The trouble comes when you attach this kind of sentiment to everything you own. Understand your emotions and make decisions appropriately. If you can live without the piece, take a photo of it before donating or selling it. For family heirlooms, give them to a close relative who will also appreciate the connection.

Embrace Technology
Lots of people want to keep books, movies, music and other media in large collections, but they do take up space. Downsizing your library is easier than ever before with the use of digital media. Books, movies, television shows and music are all available online through streaming or downloading.

Find Relief in Fewer Things
In the end, once you’ve cleared out the clutter from one or two rooms, you will start to feel lighter. You don’t have to live under the emotional weight of your belongings.

Do you want to know more ways to downsize your lifestyle? Contact us to learn more today about living a simpler life.

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