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Winter can be so much fun EXCEPT when the ravages of the season reek havoc with your home. Being a resident in the Boston area and having just renovated my house, it can get rather distressing knowing I have at least $50K worth of work to fix it back up again. Ice dams, paint hanging with sacks of water trapped behind it, detached gutters, unattached downspouts…OMG!!!

OK, take a deep breath because you are not in this alone. Everyone who owns a house and many in condos have had some sort of damage from this years winter, so call your handyman or contractor now and secure your space for repair when the spring gets closer. Don’t wait because these pros get crazy busy even when there hasn’t been a winter like 2015.

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Take complete photos of the damage. If the area is still leaking, wait until the dripping stops for at least 1 week. You want to make sure you have it documented in full. If you still have water coming in, wait until it stops. Call your insurance company (hopefully you have insurance) and discuss the process for getting reimbursed for the damage done by Mother Nature. Most homeowners have a deductible before the insurance company will pay out. Frequently they will send out an adjuster who will take a look at the damage, weigh it against how much they feel it will cost to repair the damage, subtract out your deductible and send you a check. That should make the ouchies feel better!

Homeowners who have never had damage from storms before or never had water in their basement have incurred damage this year. It’s all part of the joys of being a homeowner! Doesn’t it seem like New England winters are getting worse these past few years?

Contact me and I’ll refer you to excellent professionals in the trades who can help.

Written by Laura S. Rossinow, Broker/Agent, Keller Williams Realty, Newton, MA