Staging Your Home For Sale During The Holidays

Staging Your Home For Sale During The Holidays


The holidays can be a hectic time even when you are not trying to sell your home, but having a property that needs to be staged during the holiday season can add an extra level of stress to anyone’s planning. Fortunately, there are a few ways to balance decorating for the holidays while keeping up with your home’s curb appeal.


Keeping the decorations neutral can help potential buyers imagine themselves spending the next holiday in your home, but completely over the top decorations can have the opposite effect, so try to strike a balance between festive and classy.


The first step to staging your home is to clean up.  This is true at any time of year – an uncluttered home will seem more spacious and inviting, but it is even more important when you are decorating for the holidays. While some tasteful decorating is definitely appropriate, adding a Christmas tree or a nativity scene to an already crowded room can easily overpower the space and make it seem unwelcoming. Cleaning out each room in your house before you start decorating can help to improve the look of your house as well as minimize the amount of sorting and cleaning you will have to do once the home is sold.


Once your house is cleaned up, it is time to choose the decorations. You will probably end up deciding to decorate less than you usually do – this is one case where less is more, but a few carefully chosen decorations can help strike up a festive atmosphere. Neutral winter decorations, like a wreath or a display of pinecones, can help to project the desired look without becoming too personal. Make sure that whatever decorations you choose to go with the existing decor in your home.


Choose decorations and placements that bring out your home’s best features. Any kind of festive decoration will draw eyes, so try to place your decorations on or near the best features of your home. If your living room is small, don’t buy a Christmas tree that will dominate the space. You are trying to make your home seem as spacious as possible, so filling half the room with a Christmas tree might not help your case.


While you might want to decorate the exterior of your home, make sure you do not go too over the top with the lights. While some people love light-up reindeer, others might not. 

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