The 5 Home Tech Apps That Save Time and Money

The 5 Home Tech Apps That Save Time and Money

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The age of the smart home is upon us, and tech tools abound that make it easier for homeowners to conserve energy, improve safety and security, and manage their household systems efficiently. As we approach a new year, be on the lookout for these home technology apps and products that can literally change your life!

Conserve Energy the High-Tech Way

Controlling your home lighting using smart home technology can cut energy consumption and save you money. It’s also convenient: the Nubryte home safety and lighting console monitors energy use, provides weather updates, and let you control your home systems remotely. It’s simple to schedule and personalize lighting throughout the house, communicate via intercom, and operate the built-in security system.

Smart thermostats are another way to control your energy costs and increase the comfort level at home. The Ecobee thermostat operates via WiFi, and the mobile app lets you monitor and control your home’s climate from any location.

Stay Safe with Invisible Guardians

Smart technology offers products to enhance home security, and one slick product is the Nest-Cam. This security camera features 2-way audio, crisp streaming video, night vision, motion alerts and more. It also integrates with other smart home gadgets. The mobile app provides alerts instantly no matter where you are. You can view the live stream or use the talk option to communicate with anyone near the camera.

Avoid Smoke and Carbon Monoxide — Wirelessly

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have come a long way, and the best products now combine the two. The product from Nest does that, and it will also send you a text message when a problem comes up or the battery’s low.

Keep Your Home Dry with Text Alerts

An undetected water leak can cause thousands in damage and also create health hazards. WallyHome’s sensor can monitor your home 24/7, and the related app allows you to set up text alerts and lets you know what the temperature and humidity are in your sensor locations.

Cook Dinners the WiFi Way

What could be better than walking into your home after a long day to be greeted by the aroma of your favorite dish? Remote cooking is now a thing, and products like WiFi-enabled slow cookers let you monitor your meal from work, ensuring a home-cooked meal that’s ready when you are. And if you’re running late, being able to shut off the cooker with your phone is a major boon.

Whatever your level of tech expertise, there are smart home apps and products that can work for you. They’re increasingly compatible, affordable and mobile-friendly. I look for this type of product to become more and more common in American homes, and these examples are just a start. Whether you’re looking for enhanced peace of mind and security or a moister pot roast, the smart home tech industry has got your back.

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