11 Crazy Home Technology Gadgets You’d Never Imagine

11 Crazy Home Technology Gadgets You’d Never Imagine

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Every year technology wizards gather in a selected city to unveil the latest in scientific and engineering advancements. This event is the Consumer Electronics Show, held in convention centers all around the globe, and is usually the place to be for the latest and greatest in home tech devices.


While it takes time for the prototypes to reach us mere mortals, the concepts behind the inventions are inspirational. Of course, the CES isn’t an exclusive provider of modernized contraptions, but it is a window into what is coming our way.


1. Personal robots are answering our doors, thanks to Ninebot Segway Robot‘s personal transportation device that doubles as domestic help. It has a screen with blinking eyes, voice simulation and a camera that can track your movements so it will follow your lead.


2. Drones you can sit in, such as the EHang 184, a fully autonomous electric aerial vehicle, are here. This folding mini-copter will transport a passenger short distances via onboard, programmable controls.


3. The OLED rollable TV by LG allows you to tuck your television into a bag and tote it wherever you go.


4. Virtual and augmented reality are more than video games. They are now platforms for 360-degree cameras and a means of tourism for those who want to travel but can’t make the trip.


5. Integration products — such as Amazon Echo — that connect your lights, switches and thermostats with voice command capabilities are changing how life is lived at home. You can also order pizza or call for Uber from your Echo.


6. Samsung’s refrigerator, the Family Hub, has cameras that let you capture images of the contents from your phone app, and a digital touch screen that integrates calendars, photos and artwork. You can even order groceries from participating stores via the on-screen command center.


7. Speakers that look like sculpture, such as the Beolab90 by Bang & Olufsen, incorporate a 360-degree design for flawless sound from anywhere in the room.


8. 3-D printers use a filament material that is melted and sprayed through a nozzle, similar to inkjet printers, but these build solid objects. Owners can log on to the Thingiverse website for model plans and specs.


9. The Somabar Robotic Bartender lets you play host via your smartphone. The device is about the size of an espresso machine, and will mix drinks based on ingredients you already have or suggest additional beverage components.


10. Mobile home theaters from companies such as Royole, and its X Smart Mobile Theater system that you wear like a headphone/goggle combination, are really innovative. Noise cancellation, combined with enhanced video capability, allow for a full-theater-like experience that you can take anywhere. Stream videos from your favorite online subscription service or play the latest video games.


11. An at-home dry cleaner, LG Styler, uses steam and oscillating hangers to shake out wrinkles and leave your clothes fresh and clean without the chemicals associated with dry cleaning.


Give some thought to how you can upgrade your home to truly make it a 21st-century residence.


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