Kay and Mike

Laura was simply amazing!!! Our search for a family home started in 2013 however frustrated with the process on our own, we stopped looking. In the fall of 2016, we met Laura Rossinow! Laura got to know us not just as clients but as real people...It didn't take her very long to determine what our family needs were and what our persnickety wants were also! With that said said with an an 8 week old in tow, we set out on our journey with Laura to find our dream home and did she deliver! Laura worked tirelessly to deliver the best deal for us when we said that's the one. On March 17, 2017 we closed on our beautiful family home. What we loved and appreciated about working with Laura was her intimate knowledge of every aspect of buying a house, as I was totally clueless... she was knowledgeable about the loans process, good at disambiguating aspects of our inspection report (as needed), referrals to quality tradesmen in the field following closing and so much more! If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, kind, caring, energetic Realtor that will fight for the best deal possible for you....look no further! We can't thank you enough Laura.

— Kay and Mike, Buyers

Alex M.

It was great to work with Laura and my wife and I could not be happier with the recent purchase of our condo. Even though Laura was acting as both the buyer’s and seller’s agent (we were buying), we felt that she fair, honest, and truthful throughout. She is always ready to offer advice from her opinion on attorneys to interior decorating. I think this is a mark of her familiarity with the entire real estate business: she knows the trade inside and out, and there is very little to which she has not already dedicated immense amounts of thought. As first-time home buyers, Laura was able to anticipate our needs and questions before we even knew we had them, and her expertise allowed us to have a very smooth and efficient transaction. Much of the complicated paperwork was done securely online which greatly simplified the process and allowed us to work when it was convenient for us. Laura always made herself available to us, whether we wanted to take a second look at the condo, or if we were unsure about the language in one of the documents we had to sign. She is happy to communicate through email, text, and phone pretty much whenever you need her. Although we closed over a month ago, it is clear that she still is more than willing to field any lingering questions we may have. We are so happy to have had the chance to work with her—thank you for our new home Laura!!

— Alex M., Buyers

Sam R.

It is my pleasure to review my wonderful Real estate agent who doubles as my Mom. When the time comes to purchase your first home or fifth home most of us rely on the help of a Real estate professional to guide us in this exciting yet stressful endeavor. Laura, a professional in this industry for over thirty years gave me the opportunity to not only guide me into buying a house but took the time and effort to make sure it would be a desirable home for me to grow in and truly love. The process began with finding out what my needs were and how quickly I wanted to act. Once we identified those we looked at areas and proximities to desired locations. She informed me that the market was very active at the time and to not get discouraged if we did not have an accepted offer the first try. Throughout the process, from the initial inquiry to when she handed me the keys, I felt supported, guided, and cared for. It was like she were buying this for herself. She knows the right questions to ask a buyer, she always makes herself available, and can diffuse any challenging feelings or situations that may arise in a matter of seconds. Honesty, thoughtfulness, and genuine care for her clients are what makes Laura the right mentor in this great journey.

— Sam R., Seller and Buyer

Hui and Andy

"We met Laura under my friend's referral. My friend bought a house with Laura's help in 2015. She said even after the house was closed, they still have close communication with each other. Like Laura said, "Creating relationships that last beyond the sales", we are not only agent and buyer, we became friends. She is always so kind-hearted and so helpful. She even suggested me what brand ac I should buy. She is hard-working and efficient. I still remember clearly that she talked to me, "Ask me any questions, I work late". She made all the documents neatly and precisely throughout the whole purchasing process. She is patient and knowledgeable. As a first time buyer, I know some of my questions were naive. But every time I asked Laura, she tried her best to translate the answer in the way that I could understand as a layman. Now, I am typing these words while laying on the bed in my new house. I know, without Laura's expertise, we couldn't own such a nice home for our family. I don't know how to express our appreciation to Laura. I would definitely recommend Laura to my friends who need to buy a property in the future!"

— Hui and Andy, Buyer

Dan B.

I first met Laura Rossinow at a For Sale By Owner listing. At the time I was in a tough place as far as my confidence in real estate agents was concerned. I had previously worked with an agent that did not meet reasonable expectations. He did not send me listings, I had to search for all of them on my own. He would frequently show up late to showings and for the few houses I submitted offers he was unprepared to represent me so I would be competitive with the other bidders. He rejected the ideas I had to help me stand out commenting that sellers typically just look at the numbers and qualifications of the buyers and don't really look at anything else. Back to the FSBO, I arranged to meet Laura at the listed house and showed up right on time. She was waiting for me. We met the seller and within minutes she looked around and told me what she thought the price of the house should be, offered suggestions on how to make improvements and pointed out things that concerned her. I was a bit confused in the moment. I thought to myself, "Why is this lady so concerned about the house? She's not buying it. I am. But, it became clear this is the way she works. Laura is most interested in finding the right house for her buyers, one that fits the buyer's needs and one that they will be safe living in. So, she checks it out as if she was buying it. This is a quality few agents possess and it shows when working with her. After seeing the FSBO house we chatted a little bit. I told her the story of my previous agent and her response was comforting. She said to me, "I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. You're right to be frustrated. Your agent was not doing his job." She assured me that my original instincts were correct and proceeded to give me advice on what to do to better my chances of finding the right house. At the end of our chat I decided to take a break from my search as summer was in full swing. In the fall, I called Laura and asked her to help me find a house. Within a couple of weeks I made an offer. Laura suggested I write a letter to the seller to help me stand out from other offers. It is also one of the ideas I brought to my former agent who rejected the idea. She coached me on the content and length and we submitted it with the offer. Fast forward to the closing, the seller was there and the first thing he said to me was that the letter I wrote was what sealed the deal for them. Laura Rossinow restored my confidence in real estate agents and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a house.

— Dan B. , Buyer

Colleen and Carson

We are so grateful to have had Laura by our side throughout the entire housing process. As first-time homebuyers in a difficult market, we required a lot of help and guidance. Laura was patient with us as we were not quite ready to jump into the house-buying process at first and she took time to explain to us the ins and outs of the market and what we needed to do to prepare ourselves. From our very first time meeting at a property-viewing to closing day, Laura worked diligently on our behalf (at all hours day and night!). We had a very complicated non-traditional transaction with multiple sellers, mortgages, and buyers - Laura seamlessly navigated us through the process from start to finish. She was our advocate and negotiator and we knew that she was out there fighting on our behalf to the best of her ability. We always felt like we were her top priority even during the busiest summer months. Laura worked tirelessly on our behalf. She was creative and determined. The house we ended up with wasn't even on the market and she wasn't afraid to knock on their door and say she had a potential buyer in mind. She made it happen. We also really appreciated Laura's honesty. She is unlike any other realtor we have ever met. We felt like she truly had our best interest in mind and that she cared about us, beyond just the sale. Laura gets to know her client on a personal level too. She took a genuine interest in us and who we were outside of the house-buying process. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, even going as far as driving miles out of the way to pick one of us up from work and personally bringing us to the closing so we didn't get lost on the way. We can't say enough great things about Laura and would recommend her to anyone out there looking to buy a home.

— Colleen and Carson, Buyers

Katherine D.

Laura is the best real estate agent I've met and heard. She took good care my property during the selling process while I was out of the state for months. She examined and prepared all the details of my property, from ceiling to basement, and gave instructions to improve the value of the property by selling. She was also respond to my e-mail and text messages quickly and nicely. She always tried to explain questions/concerns to me with great detail and patience. She made the transition easy and kept me up to date on every progress. Laura is very knowledgeable on the whole process -- from preparing for listing, home inspection/fire alarm inspection, getting me the best selling attorney, getting condo documents on time to all the steps on closing. She even bought her son to help me to move the furniture around ! I would say that she is not just an agent, but a friend, a nice friend ( a sister of mine in my term). I would highly recommend Laura for anyone who is planning to buy/sell in great Boston area, especially in Newton area. Whenever you need her, she is always there for you.

— Katherine D., Seller

Amel A.

Laura is more than a sister, helpful, sincere, passionate about her work. She was there for us all the time. We found a home in a record time with closing in one month. I arrived to US and in 6 weeks i moved to my home! Thank you Laura

— Amel A.


Laura was professional, engaged, and interested in my process. Regardless of how many times I have done it, buying a home seems to be a chaotic experience every time; with the newest confusing regulations in place and an inventory that is unpredictable, Laura was able to offer sage advice based on both my emotional and financial needs. When I do this again, I will turn to her for her leadership and expertise, along with her deep professional resources. I am in my new home, and would not be in this place without her partnership and efforts.

— Howard

Will Y.

Laura is a very very nice agent. She is super responsible and skillful in the real estate business. I am very happy that I can get my condo with her help. Laura is same helpful even after I got the deal closed. I recommend working with Laura, you won't regret.

— Will Y.

Saim S.

I have worked with Laura to find out a home in MA which exceeds my requirements. I think regarding my specs and requirements I am a tough cookie. She did splendid job for me. In five weeks she showed me houses with the average of 3 houses per day. finally I have found out what I was looking for. My family is very happy with this buy. I am thankful to Laura. She really put lot of efforts like she was finding for herself. I really impressed with her silent curiosity skills. She will silently observe you what you are liking and what you are not even if your are not telling her anything about your needs and she keep that knowledge with her. When she is able to win your trust then you'll be more comfortable to share your needs with her more frequently. This all happens with me :). I really appreciate her efforts in finding out my dream and over exceeded requirements house.

— Saim S.

Yi and Peng

Laura is EXTREMELY extremely knowledgeable and response to our emails and questions promptly. We are first time home buyers and we learned so much from Laura. She coached us for every step of the process, taught us how to handle issues/make decisions/etc., offered valuable advises, let us make our own decision, and then fought hard for our interests! And, she is still answering our questions promptly after our deal was closed! Highly recommended!

— Yi and Peng


Laura Rossinow was instrumental in finding me the right property for my needs. Laura actually expanded the search beyond what I had instructed as she felt that I wouldn't find the right housing in the price range I was looking in. She did this of her own accord and I am ever so grateful that she did. This brought me to a wonderful condominium in the perfect location and Laura helped me make it fit my budget. Her warmth, caring and insight made my housing search easy, and in fact, quick in what I considered a very tough real estate market. Laura's creativity and her desire to place her client's needs above all else made her invaluable in my property search. She far outshines any other real estate professional I have ever worked with. You will not go wrong working with Laura. She is both a consummate professional and a sensitive, caring person.

— David

Lauren and Brad

Laura made our home searching and purchasing process as smooth, calming, and straightforward as would ever have been possible and we are eternally grateful. Her extensive knowledge of every single detail of the process coupled with her supportive demeanor equipped us with everything we required to identify our dream home and move forward with buying it. Laura is extrodinarily trustworthy, and is truly a well of informed guidance and resources which also aided in our process. We would highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking real estate, as she provided not only the expert advice we sought, but also a wonderful relationship that will last for many years to come.

— Lauren and Brad

Brad and Sue

Laura is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has been very attentive to our property requirements but has also managed to suggest additional options that would never have occurred to us. She is certainly well versed in the nuances of this area. Laura has also been quite tenacious in looking out for our best interests. We have dealt with other brokers over the years and through our many home purchases, but are so glad that we found Laura. We can't think of anyone better to have on our side of the table.

— Brad and Sue

Janet P.

Laura knows her stuff. Extensive market knowledge and a caring personality. I wanted to see if I could make my next move to the Watertown/Newton area and Laura was an excellent source of knowledge and a great sounding board. I felt like I was in good hands!

— Janet P.

Pat W.

Laura helped me find my condo when I moved from New York to the Boston area. The move was the result of a difficult transition moment in my life; and I had been miserable about the prospect, hated the thought of moving, and had felt completely and generally overwhelmed. Laura came to the rescue from our very first meeting, during which I must have been something of a downer, sighing and moping as much as I was. She helped me think through what I wanted and needed; helped break the process down into thoughtful steps; took the time to really understand, in detail, the kind of place I wanted to end up inhabiting. I consider myself a very finicky client moreover--and at the time was, frankly, quite prepared to be disappointed. She met the challenge with grace and integrity. And I even ended up learning a lot, for she is not only extremely knowledgeable about the real estate business, she's got an impeccable eye. She saw, and could assess, the tiniest details in various homes, and could talk about workmanship, craft, aesthetics in ways that helped me weigh pros and cons easily and honestly. She was patient, generous with her time, deeply insightful and just plain smart. It was an unexpected joy to work with her, and I absolutely love my new home. I am grateful to Laura and am happy to recommend her as highly as I can.

— Pat W.

Jee and Brian

After seeing Laura’s excellent reviews on the real estate websites, we contacted her to help us buy our first home in the Newton and Needham area. It was probably one of the best decisions we made as new homebuyers. She is very knowledgeable of the greater Boston area and helped us navigate the extremely tight real estate market with honest and useful information and advice. Throughout the entire process from showings to offers to closing, Laura was a consummate professional and our advocate and liaison to the sellers. She is kind, personable, generous with her time, intelligent, patient, and dependable. Laura also made sure that we did not feel pressured and made every effort to make sure that our goals and desires in our new home were met. Even after closing, she has gone out of her way to help to tie up some loose ends with the home. In addition, every service professional she has recommended have been top-notch and knowledgeable. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

— Jee and Brian

Tina D.

I have known Laura Rossinow for at least ten years now.Our relationship began when I first became her client and has since grown into a friendship.Laura is someone with very clear insight and focus.She is knowledgeable about her subject, forever keeping current and thirsty for more to be one step ahead of the competition in the ever-changing real estate field. Laura really listens to her clients and their needs and is willing to help in any aspect.She is an honorable person, passionate to get the best deal for her clients and always puts their best interests first.

— Tina D., Watertown, MA

Robin K.

Laura Rossinow is the real deal! I've known her for several years, and the best words to describe Laura are skilled, sensitive and caring. Care is what drives her, and it shapes her personal brand of hands on customer service. Laura will want to get to know you, who you really are, your wants, your needs and your fears so that she can match you with your ideal home based on your specific criteria. Laura is very knowledgeable about the Boston area and surroundings even if you are not and new to the area. By working with Laura, you're not only getting her caring, focused, personalized service, you are also getting a trusted lifelong friend who has your best interest in mind. It doesn't get better than that!

— Robin K., Boston, MA

Jill Bell

Laura has vast knowledge of many aspects of real estate and property value as well as the inspection process. Mortgage is her second language and I would use her to help me find or sell any property for any purpose. It is truly a unique person that can fulfill the many aspects of today's difficult closings yet totally understands the type of property I want and need.

— Jill Bell, Brookline, MA