About Laura

As an agent during Boston’s explosive real estate market in the 1980’s, Laura established herself as a local expert working with sellers, buyers, investors and developers. The great condominium conversion was at hand and Laura received accolades for being a fair, ethical, exceedingly thorough and receptive agent.

Laura’s real estate knowledge was further supported by her experience working in the Mass Appraisal field. She represented multiple municipalities throughout New England as a liaison to the Department of Revenue setting assessment valuations. This knowledge became an invaluable tool in determining residential property market value for purchase and sale.

Laura is honored to assist buyers in the quest of purchasing real estate and sellers in their desire to move on from a current home or acquisition in as short a period of time for the highest return with the least hassle. “Engaging in a real estate transaction can be an emotionally charged time”, she says and adds, “It is my goal to create a positive, supportive atmosphere and I believe in educating my clients so they know what to expect before it happens with detailed time lines. This can help avoid pitfalls and undo stress.”

Trained in college as a Respiratory Therapist and passionate about educating the public on the dangers of radon, Laura chose to become an NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program) radon measurement provider. As a member of the New England radon task force, Laura is joined by a group of professionals in the industry working to inform legislators of the potential risks and to implement guidelines for radon testing in schools and childcare centers. In 2013, Laura started Radon Testing in Massachusetts, a company offering active and passive radon testing for the concerned citizen.

Educating and guiding clients through the course of the transaction is an essential part of the real estate process. Working with a team of trusted industry partners collectively while keeping an open dialogue with all parties’ involved and consistent attention to every step of the buying and selling process is a formula for success.

Laura spends quiet time with her family, gardening, making jewelry, cooking, traveling, creating and firing ceramics and playing with her dog, the fabulous Bouvier des Flandres, Sadie.