Bringing Vintage Back to Life at Home

Bringing Vintage Back to Life at Home


Who does not love the look of vintage furniture? The old rich wood and beautiful glass works from the ’60s and ’70s, the fun accessories, the outrageous colors and the feeling of being connected to the past. Are you looking for a few retro home decorating tips? Try these simple ideas to bring vintage back to life at home.

Raid the Attic

The first and most simple way to bring a touch of the past into your life is to go raid your grandparents’ or parents’ attic. Most grandparents have attics full of furniture, clothes and even jewelry. So ask your grandmother or grandfather, your mom, your dad, your aunts, your uncles or anyone who lived in a previous era that you like if you can go hunting in their attic.

Meet Your Upholsterer

Let’s say you find an awesome chaise lounge. You love the woodwork but the fabric on the cushions could be better. The easy way to fix it is to go out and find a fabric you like that works with the room where you plan on putting the chaise lounge and cover the cushions.

This way you get the classic woodwork with a touch of modern pizzazz. Now that picture frame you have had in the closet won’t look out of place with the restored wood you have given a breath of new life to.

Reuse and Repurpose Fabrics

Did you find an awesome dress? The color and pattern are too good to let pass by but it’s not exactly the size or style you would wear now. Use that amazing pattern to upholster your furniture cushions and pillow covers. This can add a lovely splash of originality to your décor.

Accessorize With Antiques

The best thing about accessorizing with antiques is that you can usually sniff out a real steal for a truly unique furniture piece or accessory. From lamps to end tables to china cabinets, yard sales, thrift stores and local antique shops are often harboring a fantastic accessory or two that would go perfectly with your new motif.

Give Cabinets New Life

If you have a china cabinet but no china, don’t let it go to waste. Your vintage cabinet could be repurposed as a small closet or a TV stand. Get even more creative and use it to hold your potted plants or family pictures. As long as you are willing to work with what you have, there will always be opportunities to bring vintage back to life in your home.

These are just a few ideas on how to bring the best of the past and the present together to enhance your home décor. Take it from there!

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