4 Ways To Clean The Gutter Without Going Up A Ladder

4 Ways To Clean The Gutter Without Going Up A Ladder

Want to keep the gutters clean but hate going up a ladder to clean them yourself? Here are four devices that claim to do the job while you keep your feet on the ground and one that tackles the task with a robot.

The online reviews for these will tell you how the products worked for other homeowners who have your type of gutters and problems with the same types of leaves and debris.


Leaf Blower Gutter Cleaning Kit

Don’t want to buy a whole new product? You can buy an accessory kit that transfers the power of your leaf blower up to the gutters.

Shop-Vac Gutter Cleaning Kit

Just like the leaf blower kit, except it hooks up to your Shop-Vac. You use it to blow leaves or to vacuum them out of your gutters.


Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool

Tongs are attached to an extension pole, and operated by a rope. Reviewers say they work best on dry leaves and pine needles. Make sure the extension pole is long enough to reach your highest gutter.


Gardus VertaLok Rotary Gutter Cleaning System

Here’s a whole system for cleaning the gutters. It hooks up to either a garden hose or a cordless drill (to operate the brushes). The best part? You can actually attach a digital camera so you can inspect afterwards and make sure the job got done. To reach really high gutters, get the


iRobot Looj® 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

Think Roomba vacuum, but for gutter cleaning. It blasts away leaves as it travels down your gutter, sensing and adapting to debris. You do have to go up on the ladder to put it in the gutter.


Gutter Cleaner Pad

Now that you’ve got the inside of the gutters clean, you can use these pads to scrub away the debris and dirt from the front and underside of your gutters.

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