5 Fun (and Functional) Trends for Kids’ Rooms

5 Fun (and Functional) Trends for Kids’ Rooms


Keeping your children’s rooms fun and functional can be difficult, especially while keeping up with the latest trends in kids’ decor. Take a look at these five designs for everyone from infants to teens that employ beautiful design with organization to keep your children’s rooms both fun and functional.

 #1: Built-Ins

Kids are notorious for cluttering up their bedroom floor with countless items such as toys and clothing. Built-ins can eliminate the clutter on the floor while also incorporating stylish storage spaces in your child’s room. This is an easy way to keep your child’s floor clean and save yourself a few headaches when it’s time to clean your home. This will keep your child more organized and will save you and your little one time finding items in their room!

 #2: Mix Storage With a Theme

Use your child’s bedroom theme to incorporate nifty storage spots. A pegboard painted lighthouse can hold blankets, coats and other necessities for your little one in a nautical-themed nursery. There are countless themes in which you can include storage spaces to keep your child’s room fun and functional.

 #3: Remove the Closet Door

Kids often live by the idea that if they can’t see the mess, you won’t find the mess. This often encourages them to throw everything in their closet to “clean” their rooms. By taking off the closet door and replacing the door with a cornice and curtain, they can easily see where to put their toys and clothes away, and this gives them more incentive to keep their room looking trendy without clutter.

 #4: Incorporate Multiuse Furniture Pieces

Your child’s room shouldn’t be crowded with furniture. Find pieces that are stylish but also functional, with more than one use. A great example is a vanity that can also serve as a desk. Another example is a bed frame that includes built-in storage. Multiuse furniture will also give you more bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing furniture for your child’s room!

 #5: Create Communal Spaces

If two of your children share a bedroom, clutter can easily become out of control. Create separate and communal areas to maintain the clutter between your two children. Separate the room by placing two separate beds on either side of the room and creating an activity space for them to share in the middle of the room if space allows. This functionality will keep siblings from losing their own personal items and will eliminate fighting over who didn’t clean their room. 

What are your favorite ways to keep the clutter at a minimum and to create a fun yet functional space? 

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