5 Great Gifts For Homeowners

5 Great Gifts For Homeowners

1. A way to recycle rain water.


This eco-friendly, easy to install Good Ideas Rain Wizard rain barrel stores water from your downspout. Attach your own hose to take your rain water where you need it in the garden. It’s also BPA-free so it’s safe to use to water your fruits and vegetables.

2. A musical shower.


You take your tunes everywhere so why not the shower? Kohler’s Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker sends out sprays of water like any showerhead, but also plays your favorite tunes via a wireless Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or laptop located up to 32 feet away. The catch? You have to pop out the speaker to recharge it just as you would any other electronic device.

3. A light bulb for florescent haters.


Cree’s newest LED bulb costs about $8, but you’ll likely recoup that cost in the first year based on electricity costs. Replace 15 incandescent bulbs that burn four hours a day in your home with this LED bulb and Cree says you’ll save more than $100 a year on your electric bill.

These newer LED bulbs don’t make a buzzing sound when dimmed as earlier bulbs did, nor do they have mercury, as early CFLs did. Cree says the bulb will last up to 22 years, if you burn it three hours a day.

Find how much you’d pocket by switching from incandescents to LEDs with Cree’s energy savings calculator.

4. A tool to protect your private information.


By shredding your bills and other documents that include personally identifiable information, you help protect your household from identity thieves. Consumer Reports’ top wastepaper basket model is the $300 GoECOlife Commercial 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder, available at Best Buy.

The second-highest rated shredder, the Royal CX80 Cross Cut Shredder is a more affordable $46.

5. A fire extinguisher to make your home safer.


Buy the biggest fire extinguisher that the smallest responsible person in your family can handle. Make sure it’s fully charged and not more than a year old when you buy it. The top seller at Amazon.com is the $56 Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher, ABC

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