7 Cool Home Products From The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

7 Cool Home Products From The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Want to keep a remote eye on family members, cut your laundry time in half or just look super cool in your house?

These seven new home gadgets and appliances unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas should be available soon:

LG Twin Wash


Sometimes, you just have to have that one special shirt clean right this minute. Other times, you need to wash your colors and your whites at the same time.

If you have an LG Twin Wash, you can wash a little load and a big load at the same time, and do it without feeling guilty about wasting water, and energy.

The Twin Wash sports a full-size washer on top, and a small pull out drawer washer on the bottom. The mini washer is perfect for delicate items that require special attention or unique wash settings. Sounds like a real life-saver for anyone who has to repeatedly wash (and never misplace) sports uniforms.

Samsung’s Activewash Washer


Samsung’s Activewash is another clothes washer with a neat trick. It has a basin and water spigot built into the lid. You can use them to rinse heavily soiled clothes, rinse your hands or prewash heavily soiled clothing.

There’s even a little washboard you can use to rub out really tough stains. Having a basin is especially handy if you don’t have a laundry tub.

SleepIQ Kids Bed


The Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids™ bed monitors your child’s sleep patterns, and alerts you if your child is restless or gets out of bed. It comes with a monster detector for skittish children and soft, underbed lights for those that get up at night. You can turn the lights off remotely, too.

Sleep Number created the product with young children in mind, but if you’ve got a teen you want to make sure spends the night in bed, this might work for you, too. Now if they’d just make a model that alerts you when your teen gets into bed, you wouldn’t have to stay up to make sure they came home by curfew.

XYZ Food Printer


XYZprinting’s Food Printer has taken us one step closer to getting the replicator imagined on Star Trek. It’s a 3D printer that cranks out cookies, pastries and cake decorations using batter or dough instead of the plastic used by the company’s other 3D printers. You finish the product by baking.

If you don’t like to bake, the machine also makes chocolates. Look for it.

Sony XBR-X900C


The cords you plug into the back of this 0.2-inch thick Sony XBR-X900C television will take up more room than this set does. It’s an ultra-high definition 4k set with super sharp color, contrast and clarity and comes in 55- and 65-inch versions.

If you’re all about the picture, you may want to hold out for the quantum dot televisions set to hit the market later this year.

Connected Cycle Bike Pedal


The Connected Cycle bike pedal is a cross between a fitness tracker and a GPS. Once you swap the Connected Cycle pedal for your regular bike pedal, its GPS will tell where your bike (or your child’s bike) is at all times.

The fitness portion arises when the pedal automatically records the speed, route, incline and calories you burn as you ride each day.

Installation takes less than 2 minutes, and doesn’t require any mechanical skills. However, the pedal can only be removed using a special coded key that only the bike owner possesses.

The product isn’t yet available in the U.S. and its makers are seeking crowdfunding to launch it.

Samsung Flex Duo Dual Door Oven


Samsung’s Flex Duo Oven gives you a traditional single cavity range and a double oven behind the streamlined look of one solid oven door.

An upper door gives access to a small top compartment, while a full door opens to both the top and bottom compartments when the removable Smart Divider is in use, and offers access to the entire oven when the divider is not in use.

When you want to cook two separate dishes, you slide in a center divider to create two smaller cavities each with its own temperature control.

Both oven spaces have convection cooking. The unit also features steam cleaning and five burners.

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