Aging smiling couple

Written by Laura S. Rossinow, Broker/Agent, Keller Williams Realty

Real estate and its occupant’s age have so much in common, it’s uncanny! Our hair get’s grey as we age and the paint starts to chip off the house, we get wrinkles and the house needs shingle replacement, we get eye glasses and our house gets new windows…you get the idea.

As the six living generations progress in age, it has become more attractive for some residents to “AGE IN PLACE” due to the comfort of one’s familiar surroundings. Tack on the astronomical cost of assisted living and nursing home facilities,staying put becomes that more attractive.

The “AGE IN PLACE” movement has made it easier to stay put with the development of many new product design innovations and renovations intended to make life easier in your current home. Staying put allows for a sense of stability and continuity; it also supports maintaining connections to family and friends who are close by.

For aging adults, physical challenges that occur may require making modifications in the home. These can entail expanding doorways to accommodate the future need of wheelchair or walker, adding grab bars in the bathroom or altering the bath/shower entry. There are exciting ways to make moving around the kitchen easier in addition to fun gadgets to make appliances and devises a snap to use. A little creativity and a sense of humor is needed to pull it all together and the help of a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) who is trained in these techniques is a bonus to make it all go smoothly. An SRES will have additional resources of specific providers of aging in place services.

Safety considerations are paramount so aging in place safely should take priority. All it takes is one fall…just one accident to change the playing field to a total loss of independence and can result in a forced move out of one’s cherished home.