Bored With Beige: Paint Tones for the Color-Shy

Bored With Beige: Paint Tones for the Color-Shy

Are you afraid of change? Do you want to update your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, and think a pop of color could help? But won’t color make your room look too dark and too small? That isn’t necessarily the case. Whether you paint just a feature wall or go bold, consider these color choices for your room if you’re just graduating from beige.

Calming blue
Blue is the color of calm restfulness. The best part about blue is the variety of shades to choose from. Are you concerned about going too dark? Choose a light shade of blue for a soft hint of color. You can also go a little bolder with a medium shade before you dive into the deep end of royal or navy blues.

Bright yellow
Yellow is a color that even in its darkest shade is still bright and open. It is the color of sunshine and happiness, so it’s great for spaces that you want to liven up. Do keep in mind that many designers discourage yellow in the bedroom because it’s not as restful as a color such as blue.

Light brown
If you’re over beige but still don’t want a specific color, consider a shade of light brown or tan. It will still have a neutral look that can pair with plenty of accent colors, but it won’t be a dark bold color that you’re afraid will feel too oppressive.

Rich gold
The same is true for gold tones. This doesn’t have to mean metallic, though it can. Gold is a shade found in nature and can feel quite comforting on your walls. One of the most popular colors right now is mustard, which has more of a gold look than a bright yellow. It can pair with a lot of other colors as well, both cold and warm shades.

Smokey gray
Soaring in popularity a few years ago, gray is still a popular choice if you want to steer clear of beige but aren’t quite ready for a color. Gray is a neutral tone but has a cooler connotation than beige or brown. It matches a lot of other colors — from black and white to bold shades of pink, teal, orange or whatever you love.

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