Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams With These Fun Renovation Ideas

Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams With These Fun Renovation Ideas

A kitchen has to be functional above all, and it can’t be if it’s stuck in the past decade! Here are some tips for refreshing with utility.

  • Paint your kitchen cabinets and replace the handles.
  • Add a kitchen island; it’s great for prep work, and with added cabinets, it can accommodate cookbooks and dishware. Adding a few stools can create a place to eat or work.
  • Upgrade your appliances — opt for ENERGY STAR-certified ones to save money.
  • Install a dining table with a combination of benches and chairs to use all available corner space.
  • Buy some statement countertops to provide décor and function in one.
  • If you update your floors, go for a upscale wood or tile.
  • Dedicate a space for kids’ study so they can be close by but still concentrated on their work.
  • For a modern rustic look, change to a sliding barn-style door.

Update for storage

Nothing in a kitchen is in higher demand than storage. If you think creatively, you’ll find space anywhere!

  • Consider an “appliance garage” to hide away your toaster and blender when they are not in use.
  • Use open shelving carefully — it can be great for accessing daily dishware, but make sure it doesn’t become too cluttered; the Tupperware collection is better behind closed doors.
  • Open up the kitchen with some glass-front cabinetry.
  • Pullout drawers keep things convenient yet hidden, especially spices or trash cans.
  • Specific cabinetry designed for one purpose, such as holding wine glasses, can be useful and dramatic.
  • Store rarely used items above the refrigerator.

Enjoy your space

Add a personal touch to your kitchen with unique items such as glass bottles, artwork or jar planters for herbs. Little things add up to a personal style.

  • Add a backsplash! It’s affordable and creates interest in plain walls.
  • Install lighting in useful places, such as above the sink or over the kitchen island. One dramatic piece can draw the eye, so position it accordingly.
  • Spice up your average range hood by making it oversized or colorful.
  • Choose a kitchen island in a color that pops for a statement — it’s easily painted over if you hate it later.
  • Adopt some farmhouse style with marble countertops and a farmhouse sink.
  • Go for the professional look with overhead racks to store your pots and utensils.
  • Add window treatments for a bit of extra beauty — aim for ones that can be machine washed.

Remodeling the kitchen provides a myriad of opportunities to bring out your personal style, so don’t be afraid to take a chance. After all, you’re the head chef!

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