Hiring A Handyman

Hiring A Handyman


A handyman according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is “a person (especially a man) who is skillful at doing small jobs (such as household repairs). “

Full definition of HANDYMAN:

  1. a person who does odd jobs or one who is competent in a variety of small skills
  2. one competent in a variety of small skills or inventive or ingenious in repair or maintenance work —called also handyperson

If you own a home, the likelihood of you having multiple “small” projects to do around the house is high. These are the projects that just never seem to get done and the longer they wait, the larger the job it is becoming. Too small for a full-blown contractor and you don’t have time to do them or perhaps no desire would be a better choice of words! Hiring a handyman may be your solution.

Handymen and women have the skill set to repair the nasty grout in the bathroom, repair the broken spindles, unjam the disposal, fit the creaking door or steps and even replace the rotted out old windows in the garage. Homeowners don’t always think of using the services of a handyman because they think they need a specialist, which costs more money, a lot more money and then the wait until they can “fit you in” to their schedules.

Hiring multiple sub-contractors can get pricey! Keep in mind a handyman can address most small and many large projects as well. If you have a bathroom faucet that leaks, a handyman with experience is the way to go for a quick and reasonably priced repair. However when a problem occurs such as a pesky leak that is causing staining on the wall or penetrating into the living space below, calling the specialist may be the way to go.

When bringing in a handyman, prepare your questions in advance. Make a list of all the repairs you want addressed and discuss them in detail with your handyman before they come out to see the job. Many will want to prepare a preliminary quote and have the appropriate tools with them before coming out to see the job. When a handyman shows up, they will view the issues and refine their quote if necessary which is usually based on the number of hours it will take to complete the job. Some handymen have an apprentice or helper in tow. Plan on being charged for this extra helping hand.

Ask your handyman if they are licensed and insured in your state. You can hire good or not-so-good handyman and the results will be the work performed or if they even show up. Do your own due diligence in making sure you get up to date references (lots of them), check their state handyman license and driver’s license and collect all receipts for any payments made or materials used. If your handyman refuses to offer any of these, move on to your next choice. It is imperative you have a good feeling about anyone coming into your home so trust your instincts! Hiring a handyman may be your best bet to address those annoying home repairs that just won’t go away.

Written by Laura S. Rossinow, Broker/ Agent, Keller Williams Realty