Keep Your Backyard Bearable With These Cooling Features

Keep Your Backyard Bearable With These Cooling Features

Porches and beautifully decorated outdoor spaces are incredible places where you can enjoy the summer so prepare now in the spring. Sometimes the summer heat can be just a little too much. Combat the heat this summer and keep nice and cool by adding some of these heat solutions to your backyard landscape.


Misters have long been used to keep people in hot and arid climates cool during the hot summer months. You can buy misters of all different sizes that put out a little bit of water, just enough to keep your body feeling hydrated and cool. They have misters that simply let water out so that it falls to the ground smoothly, or you can get a mister that has a fan in it to cover all the areas of the backyard and patio that you see fit. If you have a larger outdoor space, it is highly recommended to invest in the mister with the fan.


If you’re trying to keep a small patio area with a couple of chairs cool this summer, consider purchasing an awning for your home. Depending on the material it is made of and how big it needs to be, an awning can be a rather inexpensive way to cool down your outdoor space. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to match any home décor.

Portable Swamp Coolers

If the area you need cooled is fairly small, you may want to just invest in an inexpensive portable swamp cooler. You can fill them with ice-cold water, and they have a fan inside that spits out cold air. They usually have wheels, so that you can easily roll them wherever you need them. Swamp coolers provide an easy solution to the hot summer heat when you need a quick fix.

Consider a Pond, Pool or Fountain

Since water heats and cools faster than land, it is a good idea to install a pond, pool or fountain in your outdoor landscape. It can help regulate the temperature in nearby areas and make the area surrounding it substantially cooler than it would be otherwise. Besides solving the heat problem, water effects also add a nice touch to your landscaping.


If you need a large area of space covered, try investing in one of the larger umbrellas with a stand that you might see in beach resorts or other large areas that need shading. They are usually made of a thick canvas material in a light color to reflect the sun’s rays and therefore mitigate the heat problem. They come in a variety of styles and can be a fairly inexpensive way to shade your patio. A shade sail is a similar alternative to the umbrella as well.

These tips are also great ways to add appeal to your home when selling. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to contact me today!

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