Must-know Tips for Arranging Your Linen Closet

Must-know Tips for Arranging Your Linen Closet

Stacks of multicolored towels on shelves

Spring is here, and you shouldn’t forget your linen closet as you start your household cleaning. In fact, this is a great place to start, as this household area is often in disarray. Here are seven must-know tips for organizing your linen closet and keeping these household items put away neatly all year round.


1. Get rid of things you don’t need. Clearing out things you don’t need is a stellar space-saving strategy. Figure out what you want to keep, and donate everything else, as you never know who might need it.

2. Clear out and clean the closet from top to bottom. Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t need, clean out your linen closet. Dust the shelves, vacuum the bottom, wipe the shelves down with a damp cloth and then let the space dry before putting the linens back neatly.

3. Add extra storage space. If you feel you need more storage space after you’ve cleaned your linen closet, maximize the closet with added shelves, baskets or hooks before you put your things back in it. Take advantage of shelf dividers or towel bars on the doors, for example, to create more efficient storage space as well as easy access.

4. Label each space. After you optimize the closet with your choice of space-saving hacks, give each shelf its own identity. Keeping tabs on where each type of linen goes helps you, your family and your guests put things back in place after they use them, so you’ll be surprised by how neat your linen closet will stay throughout the year.

5. Prioritize everyday items. Once you figure out where you want everything to go, prioritize items you use often for easier access. Keep the most important linens front and center so your family doesn’t have to dig around for towels, blankets or sheets.

6. Vacuum-seal seasonal items. After you’ve finalized your linen closet organization, seal items you use only occasionally in plastic bags, and store them in a different place.

7. Freshen up the air. After you’ve cleaned and organized your linen closet, keep the space cool and dry. Linens can get smelly over time, so add an air freshener on one of the shelves to help your linens stay clean and fresh.

You’re now equipped to tackle any small space with these cleaning and organizing tips, so get ready to up your storage game. Even though it may be a hectic time of year, you’ll be able to conquer with ease whatever tasks your spring-cleaning throws at you. If you’re interested in finding out more must-know tips for organizing your linen closet or any other small space in your house, get in touch with me today.



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