Organization the ‘Tiny House’ Way

You don’t have to be part of the tiny house movement to learn better ways to organize your home. What tiny house movement proponents are doing is showing everyone how many resources we needlessly consume on a daily basis. Here are six organization tips taken from the tiny house movement that can help you conserve more and waste less.

Downsizing to a tiny home.

#1: “A place for everything …”


Reader’s Digest has been taking note of the tiny house movement and interviewing people who are living this lifestyle. One tip that Reader’s Digest promoted was this rule: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”


The thing about having a tiny home of 450 square feet or less is that you can’t just toss your bag down without cluttering a walkway. Create a space for everything in your house. If there is no space for it, get rid of it.


#2: Pantries and shelves galore


You may not have a lot of space, but you can create space with pantries, shelves and cabinets. Keep in mind that you don’t want to clutter up your home with storage racks, but a few new storage shelves can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing clutter.

“Tiny house people” use their furniture for additional storage. For example, a small couch or a coffee table can serve as additional storage space. Just make sure you can’t see what’s underneath or this strategy will make the room look junky.


#3: Out with the old, in with the new


Tiny house people can’t afford to be hoarders. A lot of them have embraced the philosophy that we have too many things to begin with. Instead of piling up new pairs of jeans, when you buy new ones, give away the old ones. Do the same for furniture, linens, dishes, you name it. There are plenty of ways to declutter by tossing out the old when you bring in the new.

 #4: No space for waste


Bet you never think about how many piles of papers are wasting space in your junk drawers and storage boxes. Eliminate all the waste. Think like a person living in a tiny house. You don’t have time to keep saving all of those PennySavers. Throw them out and leave practically no space for waste in your house.


#5: Buy with intention


Taken directly from the tiny house movement is the new motto about buying with intention. How many times have you gone to the store to shop for one item and ended up picking up several? Did you really need those extras? Tiny house people are saving space by buying with intention and choosing quality over quality.


#6: Make every room a multipurpose room


Finally, in a tiny house your kitchen serves as your dining room and your living room too. In your full-size house, instead of cluttering up the laundry room with storage boxes or your den with exercise equipment, turn those areas into multipurpose rooms . Add more shelves in the laundry room and put down an exercise mat in the corner to mark where your gym begins and the den ends.

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