How To Stage A House For Selling

Staging a home has become increasingly important in real estate today for home sales since we live in a digital age. With so many TV shows and websites all promoting perfectly coordinated rooms, Buyers tend to be less forgiving when viewing homes. The good news is you don’t have to be a professional stager to add value to your home.  Whether your home is a $300,000 ranch or a $3 million sprawling estate, every home can benefit from de-cluttering and reorganizing.

Here are some helpful tips to begin:

An attractive yard is the first step and it doesn’t have to be elaborate to make a statement.

House w:pretty yard

Curb appeal is important no matter what the season.  During the winter, yard waste needs to be raked up and snow needs to be neatly shoveled.  Flowers should be planted and fresh mulch laid for the spring market. In summer time create patio furniture arrangements and a nicely mowed lawn.  And last but not least, the fall requires leaves to be raked and bushes trimmed.

House with curb appeal

Eliminate the clutter so buyers can see the property and not your stuff!

Uncluttered room

Since getting buyers into the home is half the battle, make sure they don’t lose interest because your house is brimming over with stuff that could easily be placed in a closet or drawer.  De-cluttering doesn’t mean getting rid of everything, but it definitely means organizing and removing your stuff. Most rooms have too many pieces of furniture. Remove at least one piece to thin the room out and move furniture away from walls. Buyers should be able to freely move around the rooms, not bump into end tables and ottomans. Remove photos and sticky notes from the refrigerator, reduce the amount of books that are visible and remove excess table art and trinkets.

Make sure each room has a well defined use.

Well defined room

Rooms today can be used for multiple purposes.  Such as the dining room acting as the kid’s play room or the family room turned into a home office.  Even though these rooms have served a valuable purpose for you, a Buyer may get confused or feel the space is inadequate for their use.  Maximizing the true purpose of each room goes very far when showcasing a home to eliminate the guess work.

Keep your house well lit at night so if Buyers drive by they can get a good idea of the appearance at different times of the day and night.

House lit up

Most Buyers work during the day and do not have the chance to drive by a house except at night.  Without a Seller even knowing it, a Buyer could be turned off by the property because not enough lights are on, giving it a cold feeling.  The small increase in your electrical bill is well worth the warm and inviting feel that all potential Buyers will get when driving by your home at night.

Draw potential Buyer’s attention to your front door as soon as they walk up or drive by. First impressions DO count!

Colored front door

Love the reddish tone!

Red door

A good way to get a Buyer’s attention is to add some color to your front door. Color always makes a statement and can give the perception of the whole house being painted. Go bold with red or try a rich green or keep it neutral with warm tones.

Keep it Cozy and Inviting.

Cozy room

You want home buyers to feel right at home when they view the house. Before showing your home, fill the home with pleasing aromas by baking something yummy. Make sure your home’s temperature is comfortable. If its cold outside make sure it’s warm in your house. And if it’s a hot summer day, have the air conditioner on, or if you don’t have air conditioning, open windows and have fans going to circulate the air. Another way to emphasize comfort in your home is to use decorative fabrics such as an attractive table cloth, or have plush towels displayed in the bathroom.

Make sure your house is clean, clean, clean!

Bathroom spotless

When was the last time you cleaned the windows in your house? Get the window cleaner out! This is a simple inexpensive way to bring more light into rooms and make even older windows look new again. Wash the curtains, shampoo the rugs, dust the shelves and remove trip hazards like small scatter rugs. Counters, sinks, tubs, and appliances should sparkle. A bright, spotless house will appeal to buyers. Bring in a cleaning crew and let them have at it before placing your house on the market and keep it clean for all showings.

Staging Your Home Definitely Pays Off!

Is staging worth the trouble? Staging makes online photos of the home stand out and dramatically improves a Buyer’s first impression of your home. Staging a home improves your home’s chances of selling for the best price, too. Homes also sell faster than non-staged homes so it’s well worth your time!

Using these basic techniques can get you started with your own home staging and your real estate agent has lots of ideas to guide you. If you feel your home needs more than basic techniques, get an in home professional staging consultation to learn more.

Laura S. Rossinow, Broker, Realtor, SRES