Dan B.

I first met Laura Rossinow at a For Sale By Owner listing. At the time I was in a tough place as far as my confidence in real estate agents was concerned. I had previously worked with an agent that did not meet reasonable expectations. He did not send me listings, I had to search for all of them on my own. He would frequently show up late to showings and for the few houses I submitted offers he was unprepared to represent me so I would be competitive with the other bidders. He rejected the ideas I had to help me stand out commenting that sellers typically just look at the numbers and qualifications of the buyers and don't really look at anything else. Back to the FSBO, I arranged to meet Laura at the listed house and showed up right on time. She was waiting for me. We met the seller and within minutes she looked around and told me what she thought the price of the house should be, offered suggestions on how to make improvements and pointed out things that concerned her. I was a bit confused in the moment. I thought to myself, "Why is this lady so concerned about the house? She's not buying it. I am. But, it became clear this is the way she works. Laura is most interested in finding the right house for her buyers, one that fits the buyer's needs and one that they will be safe living in. So, she checks it out as if she was buying it. This is a quality few agents possess and it shows when working with her. After seeing the FSBO house we chatted a little bit. I told her the story of my previous agent and her response was comforting. She said to me, "I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. You're right to be frustrated. Your agent was not doing his job." She assured me that my original instincts were correct and proceeded to give me advice on what to do to better my chances of finding the right house. At the end of our chat I decided to take a break from my search as summer was in full swing. In the fall, I called Laura and asked her to help me find a house. Within a couple of weeks I made an offer. Laura suggested I write a letter to the seller to help me stand out from other offers. It is also one of the ideas I brought to my former agent who rejected the idea. She coached me on the content and length and we submitted it with the offer. Fast forward to the closing, the seller was there and the first thing he said to me was that the letter I wrote was what sealed the deal for them. Laura Rossinow restored my confidence in real estate agents and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a house.

— Dan B. , Buyer