Hui and Andy

"We met Laura under my friend's referral. My friend bought a house with Laura's help in 2015. She said even after the house was closed, they still have close communication with each other. Like Laura said, "Creating relationships that last beyond the sales", we are not only agent and buyer, we became friends. She is always so kind-hearted and so helpful. She even suggested me what brand ac I should buy. She is hard-working and efficient. I still remember clearly that she talked to me, "Ask me any questions, I work late". She made all the documents neatly and precisely throughout the whole purchasing process. She is patient and knowledgeable. As a first time buyer, I know some of my questions were naive. But every time I asked Laura, she tried her best to translate the answer in the way that I could understand as a layman. Now, I am typing these words while laying on the bed in my new house. I know, without Laura's expertise, we couldn't own such a nice home for our family. I don't know how to express our appreciation to Laura. I would definitely recommend Laura to my friends who need to buy a property in the future!"

— Hui and Andy, Buyer