Katherine D.

Laura is the best real estate agent I've met and heard. She took good care my property during the selling process while I was out of the state for months. She examined and prepared all the details of my property, from ceiling to basement, and gave instructions to improve the value of the property by selling. She was also respond to my e-mail and text messages quickly and nicely. She always tried to explain questions/concerns to me with great detail and patience. She made the transition easy and kept me up to date on every progress. Laura is very knowledgeable on the whole process -- from preparing for listing, home inspection/fire alarm inspection, getting me the best selling attorney, getting condo documents on time to all the steps on closing. She even bought her son to help me to move the furniture around ! I would say that she is not just an agent, but a friend, a nice friend ( a sister of mine in my term). I would highly recommend Laura for anyone who is planning to buy/sell in great Boston area, especially in Newton area. Whenever you need her, she is always there for you.

— Katherine D., Seller